COVID-19 Vaccine

Virginia Statewide Pre-Registration System​

Am I already pre-registered?

Please check!
If you have already submitted a pre-registration form or survey, please click on Check the List to confirm you are pre-registered by clicking the Check the List button below.

Only pre-register once.
If you are already in the system, please do not submit another form because this might delay the process.

If you experience difficulties with the search function, check the spelling of your name and email address carefully and consider whether you may have used a different name, phone number, or email address in the past. Additionally, we continue to migrate data from local health department systems, which could delay your pre-registration from showing up in the search function.

If you previously pre-registered, your status will not be affected and it is not necessary to pre-register again. If you have questions, please call 877-VAX-IN-VA.

What happens when I pre-register?

Get added to the waitlist.
Your information will be added to the COVID-19 vaccine waitlist. The waitlist will allow us to contact you when you are eligible to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine.

Get a Reference Code
The Reference Code is a unique, auto-generated value that you can use to 'Check the List' for your record (instead of putting in your name and email or phone number). It does not indicate, or have any bearing on, your place in line or your eligibility.

Receive updates & a notification when it's your turn to make an appointment.
Due to limited supply of vaccines, it may take months before everyone who is eligible can be vaccinated.

Fairfax Health District:
residents and essential workers should pre-register here.

Does the Pre-Registration System schedule my appointment?

No, this is NOT an appointment.
Pre-Registration does not schedule an appointment for you to get a vaccine, it is just the first step in the process. This is not a first come, first served list.

Based on availability of vaccine and your eligibility, you will be contacted via a phone call / text / email to schedule an appointment.

Is my information correct?

Verify and update your record NOW.
We have added more questions to the form. If your record is missing information, your appointment might be delayed.

Read these instructions carefully before clicking the button:

  1. Locate your record
    by typing your reference code or your name and phone number or email to locate your record.
  2. Click the "Update" button
    after the system confirms that you are pre-registered.
  3. Carefully review all of your information
    to make sure it is correct and make any changes as needed.
  4. Be sure to click the “Next” button
    at the bottom of each screen until you see confirmation that you are done.