Virginia Statewide Pre-Registration System​

If you reached this page through VaccineFinder or your local health district:

If you reached this page through a link on VaccineFinder or your local health district, it means your local health district is using this pre-registation system to manage demand for vaccination appointments instead of self-service appointment scheduling, pre-register now to receive an invitation when an appointment becomes available.

If you are eligible for Phase 1 in Virginia:

If you are eligible for vaccination in Phase 1 in Virginia and you don’t find an appointment through VaccineFinder that meets your needs, you may pre-register for a priority appointment and your local health district will contact you within a week.

Phase 1 eligibility includes anyone who lives in Virginia and:

phone icon (877) VAX-IN-VA
(877) 829-4682
Video chat for American Sign Language

Pre-registration FAQs:

What happens when I pre-register?
Your information will be added to the COVID-19 vaccine waitlist. The waitlist will allow your local health district to contact you when a vaccination appointment becomes available for you.

Does the Pre-Registration System schedule my appointment?
No, pre-registration is the first step in the process to get an appointment for people eligible in Phase 1 and in local health districts that do not offer self-serve scheduling. Your local health district will contact you to schedule an appointment using the email address or phone number you provide when you pre-register.

Do I need to pre-register again?
If you pre-registered prior to April 18th but have not yet received an appointment invitation, you may pre-register again now if you are eligible in Phase 1 or your local health district requires pre-registration for everyone. Otherwise, please use VaccineFinder to look for vaccination providers in your area.

What happens if I get an appointment somewhere else?
This pre-registration system is used by local health districts and community vaccination centers to send appointment invitations. If you pre-register here and later schedule an appointment with a pharmacy, hospital, or physician, simply disregard any future invitation you receive from a local health district or community vaccination center. If you receive a vaccination in Virginia, you will be automatically removed from the pre-registration system. If you are vaccinated outside Virginia or by the federal government (such as the Department of Defense), please click the button at the top of this page to update your pre-registration record.